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We constantly seek to improve the quality of the water that you and your family consume.

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We have the latest technology in residential water systems in the United States.

We are experts in healing your interior | improving your quality of life | water purification systems

We have a team of professionals who strive every day to provide our customers with the best solutions to guarantee the best quality water. Would you like to know how?

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We are representatives of the Apollotek International brand, with a presence in 30 States and in more than 50 cities serving the community to improve their quality of life, taking care of their health.

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Leaders in the water industry

Apollotek is the leading brand in water purification systems.

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Families are our priority

We strive every day to provide the best solutions in water purification systems to protect your health and improve your quality of life.

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We generate constant savings

By having better water quality you save on soaps and on the care of your appliances and pipes.

Drinking water crisis

The United States is going through a drinking water crisis due to contamination and aging of infrastructure.


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You only have to enter your Zip Code to be able to verify the amount of contaminants that exist in your water.


The water you drink

A series of contaminants have been found in drinking water in the United States, these are some of them.


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