Water Conditioner


Equinox is our luxury softener that works for the whole house. Equinox, at its 13 ”X 54” size, is the largest conditioner on the market. Equinox systems employ a 10-step system, using alkaline matter. This 10-step alkaline water process allows the Equinox to treat the water for any chemical element, natural or man-made, and even heavy metals, to remove chemicals in the water, including chlorine and chloramine (two extremely harmful chemicals). ). The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) has determined that chlorine and chloramine derivatives in water may act as carcinogens to humans (cancer-causing agents). The Equinox unit includes the most technologically advanced control valves for water conditioners. Equinox is powered by potassium, one of the best fertilizer producers for plants and lawns. This system eliminates the presence of sodium and provides you pure and softened water, free of harmful chemicals. The Equinox system produces purified water that protects your home's plumbing and older appliances from mold and calcified deposits. Using softened water results in dishes and cutlery free of water droplet marks. The Equinox unit will reduce the cost of cleaning products by up to 75%. This will result in savings of up to $ 150.00 each month. Softened water is good for the environment, helping to protect our planet. The Equinox conditioner has several certifications, including NSF Certification.

In summary, the Equinox Water Conditioner produces:
  • Cleaner and brighter silverware, dinnerware, glass, mirrors and tile, carts, faucets and plumbing fixtures.
  • Smoother and cleaner skin, shinier and silkier hair.
  • Reduction in soap residue, which makes cleaning easier and facilitates the work necessary to keep the house clean.
  • Decrease the use of soap and shampoo, because the softened water produces an abundant foam along with the soap.
  • Softer garments with no hard minerals trapped in the fabric. Fabrics last longer and white garments stay whiter when using softened water.
  • Longer life for water-using appliances such as coffee machines, ice dispensers, dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry equipment.
  • Savings in the monthly cost of energy and damage to household appliances.
In addition, the Equinox system will bring the benefits of alkaline water to your home:
  • Promotes better hydration
  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • Promotes detoxification of the body
  • May help the immune system
  • It can help you lose weight